At Grafton Kindergarten drawing on our own personal experiences as parents and throughout our lives, we empower the children to learn and develop through their own exploration of the environment in partnership with their whanau and the wider community. The kaiako at Grafton also believe in providing co-operative focus groups that fosters the tuakana-teina philosophy. 

 We recognise the children’s strengths and acknowledge their challenges to foster their learning through participation, providing a protective environment that will scaffold their learning and development of their own unique person, sure of their self and their spirituality, ready to embark on their journey through kindergarten, school and beyond.


In a setting that shapes their futures, tamariki are developing an appreciation of the natural world, we will learn to understand about nurturing the environment, to help it thrive and to experience the benefits that it will return to us.


The kaiako at Grafton have made a commitment to the learning community and to embark on our own journeys of continued learning, ensuring that our practise and knowledge place the tamariki at the centre, the very heart.  The Mauri of our kindergarten allows us to develop a deep consideration for each individual, for each whanau and they place they have in the community.  We provide equitable opportunities for every child, a place where each child feels safe and knows that they have a place.  We commit to being open minded, accepting feedback and adapting our own practise to respect the unique nature of each person.


Our connection to the land and sea is at the heart of our identity here at Grafton.  We aim to preserve and enhance our understanding and learning of the natural environment for the benefit of current and future generations.  We will continue to grow our success as an organisation through the sustainable and successful development of our land through the creation and provision of natural surroundings and edible gardens and through nurturing people’s cultural identity, knowledge and strength through our tamariki’s interaction with their environment.

Core Values


Building and modelling respectful, supportive, collaborative relationships throughout the integrity and passion of our professional, reflective kaiako.


Resilience-building independence, self worth, trust and empowerment whilst experiencing love and affection.



Working together creating a welcoming, caring and creative learning environment which values individuality and identity.

Ako Ako

Encouraging a sense of wonderment and curiosity providing a lifelong motivation to learn.


Sustainability – Caring for and nurturing the earth now and in the future.