Information about Grafton

We pride ourselves on providing all our children with a caring, happy environment, which encourages creativity and self-discovery.  Our special group times allow more specific experiences in Writing, Numeracy, Literacy and Problem-solving.

We maintain individual profiles on the children which include objectives, evaluations and we are also following the children’s progress on Storypark, an online learning tool for families.

Our garden playground emphasises our natural environment which has been retained to provide a variety of physical pursuits, science-oriented discovery experiences and the opportunity for socialisation through play.

The emphasis throughout our programme is to allow for individual development to flourish, culminating in a happy, confident pre-schooler, well-prepared for his or her transition to school.

The overall aim of Grafton Private Kindergarten is to provide a happy learning environment which will foster children’s physical, emotional, social, creative and cognitive development, whilst acknowledging their cultural background and family values.


Through our philosophy we plan a holistic educational programme in which we aim to provide our preschoolers with skills and values to enhance independent learning and builds on the child’s disposition to learning.


We do this by:


  • Offering a varied and stimulating programme which stimulates the child’s interest in learning.

  • Individual planning according to strengths/weaknesses to ensure each child’s needs are met

  • Providing a well-organised daily programme that provides security and stability

  • Preparing the older child with skills to support their transition to school.

  • Promote healthy relationships between children, staff, family, guardians and whanau.

  • Allowing children to express themselves confidently encouraging participation.

  • Encourage open communication channels between parents and staff to support the learning and development of their child.


Programme and Curriculum

Unique to Grafton Private Kindergarten are our extension groups and clubs.  These groups allow children to learn and develop new skills through participation and observation.  Each day our programme follows a regular routine so the children become familiar and secure with the day and feel comfortable participating in activities. 

Morning Session

         Through appropriate planning using the Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whariki guidelines in all areas of the curriculum we are able to provide the following within our programme:


  1. Group time:  provides small group opportunities in which all children are guided into physical dexterity, working co-operatively, fine motor exploration, numeracy and literacy.

  2.  Our Perceptual Motor Skills programme encourages full body and spatial awareness, supporting integrated learning, co-ordination and confidence.

  3. Creative Art areas are changed daily offering stimulating exploration opportunities and language development based on children’s interests. 

  4. Kapa Haka, waiata and language in the overall programme foster cultural awareness and recognise the importance of nurturing the relationships we hold with our local tangata whenua.

  5. Excursions and Kindergarten Trips allow children wider experiences within our surrounding community. 

  6. During storytelling time, the children are encouraged to actively participate in music and movement, story listening and sharing.

Afternoon Session

Our afternoon programme caters for the younger pre-schooler with emphasis on socialisation, security and self-discovery.  Children are also presented with opportunities to develop language skills in one-to-one situations, peer groups and a large social grouping where discussions and language are encouraged.