Special Programmes 


Club sessions occur during the afternoon. The Clubs sessions give our older children a unique opportunity for greater exploration and learning in a range of skills  The important factor in the Club Time is that the children are having fun while extending their knowledge in the concepts we have introduced during the general Kindergarten day.


Reading Club uses the Letterland programme to assist the children in developing understanding and recognising the alphabet. We endeavour to instil a love of books and interest in the written word.  We have had great success to date and the children enjoy the varied activities used to reinforce the topic of the day.


Performing Arts Club fosters confidence and expressiveness in the children. The creativity in their play and language is being extended and is evident both at home and in their wider play at Kindy.  The children are encouraged to have a go and feel good about themselves as young learners.


Maths Club allows the children the opportunity to further investigate mathematical concepts in greater depth, ensuring a strong base for future learning.  The children are involved in a variety of Maths games and related hands-on activities.  The children have fun whilst developing a strong concrete foundation in concepts such as numeracy, measuring, geometry and related skills like being able to follow directions and interpret information.


Technology & Science Club encourages the children to be constructive using simple tools and hands on materials. They are encouraged to follow a series of steps to complete a small project with increasing independence and experience success. The children also work with Information Technology (computers, cameras, printers) to follow a process culminating in an end product.



Morning Programmes

Perceptual Motorskills Programme (PMP) encourages children to use their senses to perceive how/where/when to move.  The children are in small groups that use fun, stimulating activities and are given plenty of opportunity to practice with the support and encouragement of the teachers.  The motor skills programme uses activities that focus on large core muscle groups to combine co-ordination, balance, laterality, eye tracking, sequencing and spatial awareness to develop the skills that eventually lead to the control of their bodies and the refinement of their fine motor skills - skills that are essential to children’s learning and developing the ability to learn in the classroom environment at school.   Currently held on a Friday morning.


Kapa Haka encourages children to participate in learning and understand in the Maori language that is so important in our heritage.  Matiu Te Huki visits our centre (on Wednesdays) and teaches us Maori waiata (songs), retells us the Myths and Legends of Aotearoa New Zealand and teaches us phrases that we can use in our every day life.  The children enjoy our weekly session with Matiu and participate in the songs and actions relishing the opportunity to share stories and experiences together in a holistic and meaningful way.